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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Battling Demons and ... Bumblebees

As Christians, we are empowered by God’s own Spirit. How do you use that power? Me—I fight demons … and bumblebees. Let me explain.

About a year ago, our youngest started to have nightmares. Night after night she would wake us with a trembling voice encompassed with fear. Although I always prayed, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I demand all evil spirits to be gone. And God, fill our home with your Holy Spirit and let her be comforted,” for some reason the battle continued. The last night I got up because of a nightmare, I distinctly remember she was convinced something was in the room. She heard a sort of scratching sound. (And just to paint how real this was, my child’s eyes were round with fear, her whispered voice was trembling, and she didn’t want to make a move. In fact, she was so afraid she withheld speaking out loud what she thought it really was--so I did it for her.) I looked around the room and asked, “Do you think it’s a lizard?” She gave a barely discernible shake of her head. I asked with a serious tone, “Do you think it’s the devil?” To that, she gave a firm nod as tears pooled in her eyes.
To this, I answered with a breath of relief, “Good! Cause lizards are hard to catch, but that ole’ devil is easy to fight with Jesus’ name.” So I prayed the above prayer and added in His name for the devil to get thee behind me.
That prayer became a nightly ritual for several months enabling her to sleep peacefully with the acknowledgement she was safe in Jesus’ care. Since then, she has seen an angle in the hall outside her open door, not once, but twice.
Now to explain the bumblebee.
I want to think I’ll always call on Jesus’ name no matter the situation, but the truth is we often forget and step into battle unarmed. Recently, I was picking beans in my mom’s garden when a pesky bumble bee decided to pollinate my area. Odd as it sounds, I can handle snakes better than buzzing, flying, stinging things. So you can imagine my mounting anxiety. But when I’d had enough, I just reacted—I stood tall and proclaimed, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I demand you to be gone, bumblebee!”
My sis-n-law working in the row beside me, looked up with a smile (but not really all that surprised) while the bee zoomed a straight path out of the garden!
And that’s how simple a Christian’s life can be if we would only remember who it is we’re empowered by—
Jesus Christ
Lord of Lords
and King of Kings!!

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