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Monday, June 1, 2015

Healing Naturally

I don't usually write about things of a personal nature. Yet, circumstances beg me to. The reason, I can't keep the knowledge that was given from others that may be suffering with health issues.

Recently, someone that I'll keep unnamed for the sake of their own privacy, was told they had an autoimmune disease. That medical name can cover a wide range of diseases but to best describe it, it's the end result of a leaky gut.

Many of us don't realize we suffer from leaky gut. We think our occasional heartburn, acid reflux, or inflammation is just something we get with age. Not so. And left untreated, these little warnings can explode into major diseases.

But to get to the point, we reversed all symptoms of the disease (within about two months) by the following steps.

1. Stopped eating processed sugar.
2. Eliminated processed flours and breads.
3. Turned to sprouted grain bread and sour dough bread (the sour dough that rises for 5 hrs. then an additional 2 hrs.) Both types of breads enter your body in a predigested form which then registers as more of a vegetable than a starch.
4. Began a daily regimen of food grade diatomaceous earth. This inexpensive treatment detoxes your system.
5. Introduced more water into daily diet.
6. More daily exercise.
7. Introduced a truly amazing trilogy of cultured products, Kefir, Kombucha tea, and fermented vegetables. This should be done slowly as to avoid a major detox all at once. Start with kefir the first week, then add a few oz. of daily tea the next week, then a T. of the veggies each day the third week. Once your system has adjusted to the new introduction of probiotic foods (that's what these are) then you can eat and drink more of them. I recommend eating at least a T. of the veggies before every meal. This step will help in digestion.
8. Prayer. I believe God not only led me to the above discoveries but also prepared me. I asked for direction while researching. Every illness has a reason. Ask God what that is. Perhaps it's meant to draw you to someone who you need to share the gospel with. Maybe it's the other way around. The Bible says the devil prowls the earth to and fro looking for those he may devour. God may have allowed an illness to protect you from a greater trial. Or, I can assume in our case, it was to learn how to reclaim ones health so that the method could be passed on. Whatever the reason, it's worth asking God, "What do You want to accomplish through this? And guide me through the necessary steps."

Two sites worthy of mention are:

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. I'm not trained in the medical field, I just have a healthy interest in natural health.