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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Planning a Book Cover

When planning a cover for my latest W.I.P., I try to capture the essence of my characters, location of the story, and if possible, a link to something of importance.

For Abandoned Hearts I have a vehicle driving away, virtually abandoning my hero. He has a hand on his head as if he still doesn't understand why she's leaving and it's clearly in the Ozarks.

In Unexpected Kiss, it mirrors the kiss in the book. Ethan Durham plans an opportune photo shoot with a stranger on a city street. I didn't need anything else but the kiss as the cover also stands in as the photo he needed to finish up a class he was taking.

Now in my newest release (that's not yet released), Four Times a Charm, my hero is the sheriff and my heroine is a waitress. The title comes from the four times the sheriff saves her, but the heart charm I want in the cover comes from a gift he gives her.

What I want in the cover is my sheriff at a table against a wall with a vest, badge and even a hat on. (We'll forgive him for wearing it inside for the sake of the cover!) He'll be in the center background. Then in the front right side, I'll have a close up shot of the waitress carrying a pitcher and wearing a heart charm around her neck or wrist. Ideally, I want her close enough we don't have to have her face in the photo.

So when planning your next cover, consider three elements of your story and ask yourself, how can I pull them together for a cover.


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