Matthew 17:20, my favorite verse. "... If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Does God Still Speak Through Dreams

In Fourth Time’s the Charm, God speaks to my heroine through dreams and warns her of what’s to come. I was drawn to the idea because of a young girl’s admonition years ago. She told me she’d had a dream of who she was going to marry. Despite the disbelief of her parents that the dream held truth, she believed and it came to pass. They’re still married to this day with two children and a third on the way.

Does that sound outrageous to you?

I also have another friend (a Christian like the afore mentioned woman), who often experiences vivid dreams that carry messages for her life. And the beautiful part I have in this, is that God will sometimes use me to interpret them for her. I’m often blown away by the impact her dreams have—often ringing true even months later!

The Bible tells us that in the last days, sons and daughters shall prophesy, young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams. -Acts 2:17

In researching for people God spoke to through dreams in biblical times, I came across the following article. I think it’s well written and gives insight into one of the wonderful ways God works His Spirit in our lives.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Planning a Book Cover

When planning a cover for my latest W.I.P., I try to capture the essence of my characters, location of the story, and if possible, a link to something of importance.

For Abandoned Hearts I have a vehicle driving away, virtually abandoning my hero. He has a hand on his head as if he still doesn't understand why she's leaving and it's clearly in the Ozarks.

In Unexpected Kiss, it mirrors the kiss in the book. Ethan Durham plans an opportune photo shoot with a stranger on a city street. I didn't need anything else but the kiss as the cover also stands in as the photo he needed to finish up a class he was taking.

Now in my newest release (that's not yet released), Four Times a Charm, my hero is the sheriff and my heroine is a waitress. The title comes from the four times the sheriff saves her, but the heart charm I want in the cover comes from a gift he gives her.

What I want in the cover is my sheriff at a table against a wall with a vest, badge and even a hat on. (We'll forgive him for wearing it inside for the sake of the cover!) He'll be in the center background. Then in the front right side, I'll have a close up shot of the waitress carrying a pitcher and wearing a heart charm around her neck or wrist. Ideally, I want her close enough we don't have to have her face in the photo.

So when planning your next cover, consider three elements of your story and ask yourself, how can I pull them together for a cover.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Four Times a Charm excerpt ...

An excerpt to the coming Four Times a Charm. This is a 43,000 word historical romance. Should be available by the end of July!!

Angel cried and wrenched against Mr. Hall’s grasp. “You can’t leave him in there. He’ll die!”

“Brennan knows what he’s doing, Angel.”

The man’s words held little conviction as fire consumed the barn. “No,” Angel whispered. This wasn’t part of my dream. God, don’t let this happen.

“It should’ve been you.” Harris’s words lisped through his toothless smile. “He should’ve had to live with the knowledge of how you were going to die.”

“The fire’s moving in.” Sheriff Douglas turned his horse around, leading the other horse that held Harris tied to the saddle horn and the body of Stretch thrown across his back. “We have to move to higher ground.”

“We can’t leave him!” Angel jumped from Mr. Hall’s horse. She dodged licking flames and made a wide berth toward the barn, running through a small stand of trees.

Thunder crashed overhead and a torrent of rain opened above. Her vision already blurred by tears, Angel paid little mind to the needle-like pellets pounding her face. Bushes slowed her steps and caught her skirt, but she tore forward. She couldn’t lose him now. Somewhere along the past couple of weeks, Angel had fallen in love. Or maybe she’d always loved Brennan, even when he was Juliann’s. Though kept secret then, Angel had envied her best friend.

Almost free of the trees, the rain suddenly stopped. Angel collided into something hard. She would’ve stumbled backward but a hand reached out and caught her.

“Brennan?” Hope lodged in her throat as she peered into the face of … Dwayne. She screamed and twisted against his grasp.

“This ain’t over ‘til I get paid.” He sneered and withdrew a shiny blade from a pouch at his side. “And if it ain’t money, then I’ll get it another way.”

The sky continued to rumble as Angel eyed the knife reaching toward her throat. Her gaze flickered between the demonic eyes of her captor and his murderous weapon.

Her heart thudded a rapid pulse as her throat tightened and threatened to cut off oxygen. She couldn’t lose hope. Brennan was still out there.

The blade caught the reflection of the burning building. Angel glanced from Dwayne and his snarl back to the knife. A sudden movement reflected in the steel. Like the Bible story of the men in the fiery furnace, a form emerged from the front of the barn.