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Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Prepare Your Manuscript for Print using Microsoft Word

1)      To get two pages on your screen looking like a book, either download Createspace’s format at:
or go to your toolbar, click on Page Layout, Size. Select 5” wide and 8” height (or whatever size you choose to have your book printed).
2)      But remember, the page appearing on the left of your screen is really the right of the printed book and vice versa.
3)      Look at the books you read. Do they have an excerpt from the book as a teaser in the beginning? If you choose to do that, highlight and center the first line or phrase, then add the paragraph below, centered in the page. This will be the first page in your book, on the right side.
4)      The second page is where you can list any previous books you’ve written.
5)      The third page is your title page. Your title is listed in large letters, then your name, and if part of a series, then that is what follows.
6)      For your copyright page (the page that holds the book’s information, which should be on the right side of your screen so it’s on the left side in the book) justify the paragraph by making the margins equal. (Choose the last paragraph selection in the tool bar under home.) Look for an example from my book Devoted Mission at the end of this post.                                 
7)      The next page is where you might want to insert a verse or quote. The page after that is for dedications. And your beginning chapter page must be on the right side of your book. (the left of your screen.)
8)      Check your ms for any extra spacing by clicking the pilcrow (the backward “p” in your tool bar under home) or the Show/Hide.
9)      Under the home tab, make sure the body of your ms is justified. You can choose this under “paragraph.” If you don’t know which one this is, hold your cursor over each paragraph symbol until one reads justified.
10)  Next under paragraph, click the “line and paragraph spacing” symbol. It’s to the right of the paragraph selections and has arrows pointing up and down with horizontal lines on the side. For print version, choose 1.0 for your sentence spacing.
11)  Beneath the same tab, click “line spacing options.” Under indentation go to special and click first line. The next box allows you to choose how much you want your paragraphs indented.  (.3 or .5 is usually selected.)
12)  By using the “find” tab in your home setting, you can highlight every chapter heading by typing the word “chapter” into the bar. Make sure each heading is centered by clicking the centered paragraph in the tool bar or Ctrl E. Do this also for what you use to separate scenes. (***, etc.)
13)  With your pilcrow still selected, at the end of each chapter, select insert in your tool bar then click on “page break.” This should bring you to the next page which would be the next chapter. I add two spaces before the chapter heading and three after for print but only two after for ebooks. Make sure all your chapters are the same and the pilcrow has the same font. (That will insure the spacing is equal.)
14)  Also, if at the end of any of your chapters the last sentence is spaced too far between words, with your cursor at the end of the sentence, click “return” and that should correct it.
15)  Under page layout, Margins, select custom margins and make the top, left, and bottom at .75, with the right at .5 and the gutter at .13—gutter positioned to the left.
16)  Don’t forget your header and footings. Double click on the top of a page and it should appear. On the page on the left side of your computer screen, type in the title of your book. On the page on the right side, type in the author’s name.
17)  Last are your page numbers. Go to Insert. Select page numbers. I choose bottom and centered for mine, but you can choose from a wide selection.

(sample copyright page)
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.
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