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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Publicists for Self Published Authors? Has anyone tried this?

As those of you who follow me know, almost a year ago, I signed on with a distributor. I wanted to experiment and see if this was a wise move for a self-published author. As of yet, I'm still undecided.

In order for stores to want to order your books, they have to know you exist. This comes through advertisement. I agreed to pay for the Munce ads which set me back quite a bit. Although they did bring me notice and sales, I'm afraid it will be some time before the ads pay for themselves.

What has worked so far, is paying my distributor to showcase my books at the Inter. Christian National Retail Show. I also believe if I'd participate in other ads that would help, but that won't happen until the former ads are recouped through sales.

What does work then? I'm wondering that myself. I've been told hiring a publicist would help. It should help -- especially if you pay $2-3000 for their work. But will it pay for itself?

Has anyone tried this route and would you be willing to share your experience? Let me know and you can share your posts with the rest of us.

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