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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PREP Literary Consulting--affordable editing!

Jenn Gigowski is the woman behind PREP Literary Consulting. She’s here today to share with us about this new, affordable service.


Yes, it's super new - just opened in May! PREP=Proofreading, Reviewing (which is a kinder term for critiquing), Editing and Polishing. The tag line is "Giving your manuscript a manicure!" As taken from my under-construction website: I am a Freelance Editor, which means that you are my potential boss! For new clients, I offer a FREE trial edit of a manuscript, on the chapter of your choice. There are so many different styles of writers, and editors come in just as many styles. You want someone who can hear your voice, "see" what you are saying, and work with you, instead of taking complete control of your "baby." I offer editing of the following: Typographical & spelling errors; capitalization & grammatical mistakes; punctuation misplacement, comma usage & splices; subject-verb agreements; sentence structure, fragments & lengths; syntax, tenses, word usage / nuance; repetition, consistency, anomalies, plot holes; paragraph spacing, visual layout & chapter page breaks; correct point-of-view for each scene. Anytime I edit a book, it will be kept in the author’s voice.


I’ve used Jenn’s services and have introduced her to other authors I know. If you’re looking for an editor, someone you can trust, and someone who won’t take over your story, contact her for a free trial today!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book Distributor Results

As a result of my signing with Advocate Distribution, I have now sold copies of each of The Ozark Durham Series and the Abandoned Hearts Study Guide to Anchor and Ingram distributors. This is exciting because my books can be in more book stores nation wide. If someone from as far away as California asks their local book store to stock my books, they'll most likely be able to now.

I also learned from my distributor that whenever I schedule a book signing, to let them know. They will then contact the area stores where I'll be signing to offer them my books to stock their shelves.