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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Benefits of a Coach for Your Writing and Marketing Needs

As a writer, we often want to hole away in our cozy nooks and keep to ourselves, producing stories and having them sell at effortless sky-reaching quantities. Ah, I wish it were that simple. But in reality, we have to accept the fact that some form of marketing is going to be required to get our works of art out there. If you're a writer and new to the field of marketing, I would highly recommend a writer's coach. The right coach can not only give you tips on how to present yourself but also to whom and where. The right coach will also be someone who has your success in mind and will drop names and broaden fields for you.

Here's a little from what I learned from my coach. First, she encouraged me to attend the ICRS conference. Which is the International Christian Retail Show. Here I will not only have the opportunity to attend classes and learn more about writing and marketing, I will also get face time with important people, such as book store owners, people from the movie industry, distributors, and more.

My coach also encouraged me to get by business cards printed. I'm terrible about putting things off 'til the last minute. If it hadn't been for my coach, I would have saved this important step to the end and probably made them myself. (Not a good idea.) As it turns out, I went to vistaprint.com and ordered folded business cards. The front has the cover of my latest book, on the inside left page it has the back blurb from my book, and the right side has three quotes from other authors and readers. While the very back has a picture of myself and my contact information-- email, twitter, facebook, and website.

My coach also helped better prepare me for book signings. She gave great ideas on how to tie in free drawings to the book I'm currently promoting. She also gave helpful advice on how having someone with me at each signing could be a benefit and what job that person could do.

I was able to choose the topics I wanted to discuss. Since the quality time I spent with my coach, I now understand kdp select and how to use it strategically. I also have a better understanding of twitter and hootsuite.

This is all from only two affordable sessions with my coach, Angela Breindenbach.

If you're interested in using her services and learning more about what she can do for you, you can find her here: http://angelabreidenbach.com/

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