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Friday, January 11, 2013

 Please Welcome - Michelle Sutton

  author of 17 inspirational novels!

What is your motivation for writing? I have a lot of stories to tell. Seriously, I have a lot of things I have learned in life and using stories to share those lessons works for me. It's my way of helping someone else gain insight into their life and make them think about who they love and why they do the things they do.

What made you choose your genre? They chose me. I write romance, women's fiction, young adult and suspense.

Which book that you have written is your favorite and why? Goodness gracious. That's like asking me if I have a favorite kid. There are some I enjoyed writing more than others. I think ones where the plot came easiest were the most enjoyable to write. No, I'm not giving away the titles. Of my 17 current releases you'll just have to guess. :)

What is your most helpful advice for developing characters, scenery, plot? Think like you are there and experiencing the situation yourself. If it feels real to you then your readers will feel the emotion as well.

What type of marketing do you do? Whatever I can. I've done blog tours, book promos through online magazines, announcements on facebook, book fairs, book signings. You name it, I've probably done it.

Who has made the biggest impact on your writing career? Too many people to count. Everyone who has believed in me as a writer and enjoys my stories has an impact on me in some way. It keeps me writing. Without a fan base and at least one publisher who believes in me as an author, there would be no point in continuing except to enjoy the stories by myself, and that's not worth the time it takes to write a book. I love writing, but I enjoy reading just as much and could entertain myself for years reading other people's books and writing reviews about them.

Author bio: Michelle is the author of 17 inspirational titles with more to come. When she isn't reading books or writing her own novels, she's working as a supervisor for the State of Arizona.
About Surprise Love:

Bryan Miller's dream is to become a professional baseball player. At least that’s what he's always believed. Then this stunning woman enters his world and he's instantly smitten. But she dares to shake his foundation by asking if playing pro ball is his dream, or his parents’ dream for his life. Who does she think she is to question his future plans? Sure, he has always enjoyed solving math equations and teaching people more than playing sports. Of course he wants to play pro ball, doesn't he? Suddenly he’s not so sure anymore.
Kami Garrett traveled the country with a women’s professional rodeo circuit before a serious injury two years ago took her out of the arena. Now if she stays in Arizona for the rest of her life, that will be fine by her. She’s content to teach riding lessons. She adores baseball, but refuses to hook up with a pro ball player. Then this amazing man comes to Surprise for Spring Training and she's torn. Are they meant to be together, or are their different goals in life destined to keep them apart?
Thanks for sharing with our readers today, Michelle!
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