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Monday, January 14, 2013

Example of a Proposed Marketing Plan for Fiction


The Ozark Durham Series

and The Abandoned Hearts Study Guide

By Regina Tittel

Advocate Distribution Solutions

January, 2013


The author of THE OZARK DURHAM SERIES and STUDY GUIDE hopes to be an active partner with the Advocate Distribution Solutions marketing team to assure exceptional advertising coverage of this inspirational suspense romance series/guide, not only to the wide range of inspirational romance readers but spiritual study groups as well. THE OZARK DURHAM SERIES was written with the purpose of conveying timely Christian principles under the relaxed atmosphere of fiction.

In ABANDONED HEARTS, the predominant spiritual purpose of the story is to encourage purity before marriage with added support of scripture memorization. This novel was written to appeal to women and men, as the hero and suspense scene is likened to what most male fiction readers between the age of 35 and up find appealing; a rugged hero battling against forces of nature or man. Only this time the force has taken the form of a mountain lion.

Because of the involvement of mountain lions and rugged America, ABANDONED HEARTS can also be promoted to state park gift shops, as well as outdoor outlet stores.

Written to accompany ABANDONED HEARTS is the ABANDONED HEARTS STUDY GUIDE. This guide, although tailored more toward women, can be used in youth groups involving male and female genders, Bible study groups, women's groups, etc.


Providing a fresh approach to the message of purity for teens and young adults is the Abandoned Hearts Study Guide published by Hawse Pipe Ministries. This new guide begins with each student receiving a copy of the inspirational romance novel, Abandoned Hearts, written by Regina Tittel. In this novel, the characters battle real-life temptations similar to what most dating couples will encounter.

The study guide opens every chapter with a relatable story then ties it in with the thoughts and actions of the characters from the book. The student is prompted to consider the implications of those actions and the effect they would have on their own lives. Backed with powerful scriptures, this six-week study covers topics such as dealing with temptation, the importance of modesty, living to a higher standard, and more. The Abandoned Hearts Study Guide is sure to become a popular source of material for youth leaders from every denomination.

Each following volume of THE OZARK DURHAM SERIES continues to uphold important biblical truths.

Surveys show that girls who grow up without fathers experience much higher rates of sexual activity, adolescent pregnancies, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, and suffer from health and emotional problems than those with active fathers in their lives. UNEXPECTED KISS, volume two, involves a young woman who fits into the above statistic. Through her growing relationship with the hero and her fatherly landlord, she finally accepts she is forgivable and begins to understand God's unconditional love. UNEXPECTED KISS approaches this all-too-relatable topic with gentleness, yet honest realism. Readers will be able to relate to the heroine's sinful past and weakened self-esteem whether through personal experience or through someone they know.

This novel is based in Seattle, Washington and weaves in the area's beauty of the northwest and its numerous islands. This fact opens the doors of marketing in the area's numerous gift and nostalgia shops that border Puget Sound, such as shops like Old House Mercantile Gift Shop to Discover Puget Sound and so many more.

Volume three, COVETED BRIDE, features Lindsey as the heroine, a woman scarred from emotional abuse. Through the events in the story and the loving support of Keaton Durham and his family, Lindsey is guided through the steps of recovery. Any reader who has or is experiencing this form of abuse will find help in the pages of COVETED BRIDE and a listing where more information can be obtained.

CHERISHED STRANGER, volume three, tackles the disturbing truth of sex trafficking in a very subtle, yet purposeful way. This novel involves the heroine's sponsor child and the child's father. Emigrated from Romania, these characters open readers' eyes to the truths of sex trafficking that are often hidden from the masses. Although CHERISHED STRANGER avoids the honest brutality of this subject and focuses on a suspenseful romance, it does accomplish the purpose of raising awareness of this ever-growing problem while also supporting the importance of attending a Christ centered church.

The area of promotion for CHERISHED STRANGER can widen if used in conjunction with current news releases relating to sex trafficking, such as the new wing addition to the girl's home in Bridgeton, MO and other related news.

Still to come is the final installation of this series, DEVOTED MISSION. This novel's spiritual message will include the importance and how-to of prayer as well as bring awareness to the mission field.

Because of the fine line between mystery and suspense, this series can also be marketed to mystery readers via online sites and magazines.
Print Advertising

I am willing to contact the publishers of Christian online magazines to run print ads for THE OZARK DURHAM SERIES which would include favorable review quotes from other inspirational romance writers.

Marketing Goodies

I do have a professional website available for my readers at www.reginatittel.com. From there I offer my books for sale and would like to continue doing so. On this site, I also offer a newsletter for my readers to sign up for, a comment section, contest, media kit, and video interviews.

I am prepared to work with you in sending out copies of my books along with promotional items needed to various Christian bookstores to generate sales and interest. I am also willing to create mailings to contact youth leaders to bring awareness to our product.

I will continue to contact blog owners and reviewers to request reviews and honorable mentions of each of my books.

I will contact multiple blog owners to request a review of any upcoming novels around the time of their release.

 "Ask the Author" Live Chats

Because of my preference to homeschool my children, on-line live chats may be more feasible to reach audiences than a book signing tour. This feature will be offered in my press releases and blog interviews.

Book signings

I am willing to hold book signings throughout the year. Previous to each signing, I will send the venue a head shot, cover photo/poster, and a brief description of my book along with a one-paragraph introduction for them to use the day of the signing. I will work with them in placing ads in the local newspapers and media stations.

I will also fill a contact list of everyone I know in the area prior to the signing. Many of these will be found through my Ozark Durham Series page on face-book. The email I send will include a brief description of the book, time, and place of the reading while also featuring a RSVP to give them the opportunity to make a commitment. If they aren't able to attend the letter will offer a place to purchase the book. Out of my contact list I will select participates to help spread the word of the signing and bring additional guests to the event. These added guests, along with my participants, will be invited to a private tea/coffee with me afterward for further conversation.

 Book competitions

I propose to submit any new releases to Mara Fiction from the Heartland and Show Me the Spark contests as well as others in the inspirational romance genres.

 Press Releases

I regularly submit my press releases to www.pr.com to generate interests in my books. I also look for ways to tie in current events to each book.


If you do not supply ISBNs I will need to secure those for my books.

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