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Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Inside Your Character's Head

I was rifling through notes from past books last night and came across a sheet I'd written for a writer's group. I mentioned it was important to spend time inside your character's heads. From there I got a pena and paper and did just that.
I pictured my character, for this particular one, I envisioned a certain actress and the character role she filled in a particular movie. I wanted to capture that personality. I let her begin the conversation in my mind then moved to asking her questions. I wrote it all down as an interview.
"Hearing" the way she would respond helped me gain a better understanding of her mannerisms and confindence or lack of. Not only that, her answers to questions about the other characters gave me a broader understanding of how I want them seen in the eyes of the reader.
Now I can turn her "answers" into bits of conversation in the book. Such as her response to what she thinks of the teen sponsor child that's now living on her farm. She sees her as, "So sweet, like a summer breeze. She awakens all the good around you and has a quick smile." That can be built into a conversation and suddenly my reader will have the same view of Anika as I want them to have.

Spend time with your characters. Get to know them and you'll give your reader a better understanding of them too!

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