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Monday, April 23, 2012

Here's a picture of a possible cover for volume 3 of The Ozark Durham Series, Coveted Bride. Let me know what you think. Would it be appealing to readers or should there be a different focus to the cover?

Reaching The Abused Through Fiction/Coveted Bride Press Release


Contact: Hawse Pipe Ministries

                 Regina Tittel

                 Email:  reginatittel@gmail.com



Wednesday, April 23, 2012                                                             

Coveted Bride/Reaching the Abused Through Fiction

Next month will find fans of our local author, Regina Tittel, swarming the bookstores to purchase Coveted Bride, volume three of The Ozark Durham Series. Regina's writing has been described as, "Refreshing. I appreciate that conflicts are addressed throughout and don't wait the entire story to be resolved." Sherry Kuhn, online review. This leaves room for more adventure, more suspense, and more romance.

As is common with all her novels, Mrs. Tittel never fails to incorporate a life improving message. In Coveted Bride, her heroine, Lindsey, is scarred from emotional abuse. Through the events in the story and the loving support of Keaton Durham and his family, Lindsey is guided through the steps of recovery. Any reader who has or is experiencing this form of abuse will find help in the pages of Coveted Bride and a listing where more information can be obtained.

Following is an excerpt from the back cover:  Do arranged marriages still happen? For Lindsey Buchannan, yes. Everything was kept in her husband's name, giving him full control of all they owned. And upon his death-bed, he exposes his plan for his family's future. Lindsey has two months to marry Keaton Durham or a charity will inherit their trusts and home.

Determined to make it on her own, Lindsey rejects the idea immediately. But when a drug-addicted family member threatens her children for the sake of money, it is Keaton she continually turns to. Would it be so wrong to fall in love with the alluring man that sends shivers along her spine?

Coveted Bride is categorized as an inspirational suspense romance and can be purchased online, or at the following neighboring stores: Hastings in Cape Girardeau, Hallmark in Perryville, Nevaeh Faith in Fredericktown, The Oasis Bookstore in Farmington and L.A. Hair Salon in Marble Hill. Note: A percentage of all sales from L.A. Hair Salon go to support LaDonna Hayes' son and his opportunity to enter a marathon in Australia.

Regina is available for interview.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Healing Through Writing

An acquaintance of mine recently accomplished na-no-wri-mo. Which simply means she wrote a book in a month. She was quite excited and very proud of her accomplishment and sought publication. Since then, however, she's changed her mind about publishing her work. She said it served its purpose. It healed her through many hurts and enabled her to put them behind her. And because of this, other members of her family are trying their hand at writing in hopes of working through personal pain and resentments of their own.

Though not everyone is meant to be published, everyone should try their hand at writing. Conversations you could never have in the open, are possible through pen. Feelings that you would never want to admit to, a character can and through your imagination you can lead that character to healing and unknowingly, heal yourself.

If you find you fit this scenario, don't be too quick to shove that manuscript in the closet. Pray about it. Maybe it was meant to reach others. And if your skin isn't thick enough to endure the possibilities of rejection by the traditional publishing world, try your hand at self-publishing. You never know whom you might bless!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Submissions

The internet offers a host of free advertising that I'm just beginning to tap into to. A great place to start is with search engines. The first place I contacted was www.FreeWebSubmission.com.

I found this site after googling, free submissions, which led me to a slew of other sites which I plan to connect with later. (don't know why the font changed, sorry)