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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bringing a Story to Life

What draws you into a story? It’s more than the story-line itself, it has to be good writing. I had a crit partner tell me this: "It’s my goal to be able to write so that the reader sees the scene so clearly through the pov’s eyes. "How do we do this? One way, is to make the story read as real-to-life as possible.
What small actions do you do throughout the day, in work, in conversation, etc? Do you turn the door to lock every time you exit your house, or tell your loved one to ‘be careful’ more from habit than thought? These are the small details that bring life to a story.
I was in the kitchen, waiting for noodles to boil, when I thought, what would my character be doing here? I saw her niece open a cabinet door and swing on it. The bad thing is, she’s not at home, but at the hero’s house. If the child pulls the hinge and messes up the door, she’ll have to explain. I could easily insert a fear of his response, would it be like her late husbands?
See what I’ve done. I’ve created a relatable real-life scene and now I can bring in emotions to help mode the story. It's easy to bring life to a story. Think about your characters today and how they'd respond to the things you're doing.

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