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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Developing a Website For Free

Yesterday an awesome friend of mine made me a website: www.reginatittel.etsy.com where I can sell my books from. This is a free web service, but they do charge .20 for each item you post. The wonderful part about it was I didn't have to paste buttons over from paypal, like I would have had to do to sell from my blog. Etsy has it ready to go!

The difference between Etsy and another free service that I looked into, such as Weebly, is Etsy doesn't have the 'look' of an author's website. Most authors control the whole page, mine looks like it's a place in which to sell. But I don't mind, afterall, the blog offers me the freedom to control how it looks and post regularly here.

My Etsy site is linked to my business facebook page. So I can post regularly on there and everyone who has 'liked' my page will get the updates and for those that want to stay in touch so they know when my next book is coming out, they can follow me too.

So check out my site at www.reginatittel.etsy.com and let me know what you think. Also, watch for my free blog book coming soon where I'll try to explain the steps we took to make the website and connect it to facebook and paypal. It really was very simple.

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