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Monday, January 16, 2012

Adding Everyday Elements to Your Writing

True Story:
Today as I stooped (ever-so-slightly) to fill the chickens' water dish, Tin Tin (our speckled bantam hen) flew over and landed on my shoulder. I slowly reached over and offered my fingers for her to perch on. Just like a parakeet, she accepted and I slowly moved her to in front of me and she nestled in the crook of my arm and cooed. (Or whatever sound a hen makes.) After she talked things over with me, she scratched and pecked at my coat. Once her desired amount of attention was fulfilled, she flew to the top of a nesting box.
This is a cute picture of everyday life and will add a quality to my current book in the series, Coveted Bride, that brings my readers closer to my characters. By adding this, I'll paint a softer heart to whomever I tag with this experience.
Something else I plan to add is what my four year old said this morning. She told me she had hiccing-ups. (?) Her sister interpreted - Hiccups! That ranks up there with what she calls hamburgers - Hammenburgs! These small mispronunciations will also add another element of 'cutenss' to a child.
So don't overlook the small happenings in your own life to add vibrancy to your stories.

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