Matthew 17:20, my favorite verse. "... If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Choosing the Right Web Master

For anyone who doesn't yet know, I now have a website http://www.reginatittel.com

I encourage everyone to stop by and see this impressive work of art. My web master, Tony Gonzales, did an amazing job. On my web site, not only can I sell print versions of my books, but Mr. Gonzales also set it up to enable me to sell eversions too. If you click on the book page you'll see them beautifully displayed on a cherry book case! Don’t stop there. Click on one of the books, then go to 'book excerpt.' Another page will appear featuring an open book where you can read an excerpt from the book you chose. It's genius!

Next, click on my media button. If you choose press releases, you'll see an eye-catching page featuring pictures that coincide with the book. (If there's only one, that's because the others haven't been added yet. Same with the videos.)

So when choosing a web master, first determine what you want your site to accomplish. Then research other websites of similar interests. (I researched various well-known authors to see what their sites featured.) Collect this information for your tentative web builder and see if they can meet your needs within your price range.

The web master I chose can build sites to meet a wide range of needs. Don’t be shy, contact whomever you're interested in and check out their talent.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Are You Spiritually Prepared?

Life is full of daily choices. Each day we choose to put on the armor of God . . . or not.

Imagine waking up in a war zone. You've been trained how to use weaponry, how to camouflage yourself with your environment and how to signal for help. Yet, as you open your eyes to the blast of gunfire and reach for your rifle, you find the ammunition chamber empty. In your panic you jump to a stance and realize you've been stripped of your uniform (you've been left your skivvies). You realize your need for help and reach for your radio but the batteries are dead.

Who's to blame?

You are. Because you chose not to refill your weapon, the chamber's now empty. Because you chose  to go to bed in comfort rather than be prepared, you haven't a uniform. Because you chose not to stock extra batteries, no one can come to your rescue.

Think about it.

What does the Bible say about prayer, fasting, knowing how to give an answer? If you don't know, ask a fellow believer, join a Bible study group, attend church . . . and last but certainly not least, read your Bible!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thankful for my Readers

Today I'm counting my blessings. As some of you are aware, Coveted Bride changed to free on Kobo last week which initiated Amazon to match their price. The funny thing is, I never authorized Kobo's free price. But I as I worked to correct the error, I saw it as God's blessing. It drew more readers to my work, a lot more readers. As of now, Amazon has given away over 21,000 copies!

And because of that I've met, through email, some very nice people who enjoyed my work. One of which offered her opinion of the cover, another offered to help with my editing.

The world of writing has opened up doors to allow me to see so much good in others. Yes, at first it took a thickening of my hide, but once I grew past that I was able to see the overwhelming graciousness in others that encourage me each day to continue on the path God has set me on.

Thanks to all of you that read my work and share it with others. You're as much a part of this as I am!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For anyone wondering what happened to me--I'm still here. I haven't posted for a while because I'm trying like mad to finish the fouth volume of The Ozark Durham Series by November. It's 50/50 whether I'll make my self-imposed deadline or not.

The weather has been so beautiful here in Missouri it makes it hard to want to stay indoors to write. It makes it hard to want to stay indoors for school as well! You know you're in trouble when you look out the window and would rather be ranking wood for the winter than anything inside the house.

My family and I went to tour the Meremac Caverns this week. For anyone interested, be ready to shuck out some cash. For our family of four, it cost us $70!!!

It was very interesting along with the history involving Jesse James. And though I find caves fascinating, the outside air never smelled so good as when we stepped out of the cave.

More than anything, I think the drive was worth it all. Breath taking hills abounding in color, you won't regret the time spent on the road this season of the year. Especially if you make a few wrong turns, *like us,* we enjoyed it all!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Inside Your Character's Head

I was rifling through notes from past books last night and came across a sheet I'd written for a writer's group. I mentioned it was important to spend time inside your character's heads. From there I got a pena and paper and did just that.
I pictured my character, for this particular one, I envisioned a certain actress and the character role she filled in a particular movie. I wanted to capture that personality. I let her begin the conversation in my mind then moved to asking her questions. I wrote it all down as an interview.
"Hearing" the way she would respond helped me gain a better understanding of her mannerisms and confindence or lack of. Not only that, her answers to questions about the other characters gave me a broader understanding of how I want them seen in the eyes of the reader.
Now I can turn her "answers" into bits of conversation in the book. Such as her response to what she thinks of the teen sponsor child that's now living on her farm. She sees her as, "So sweet, like a summer breeze. She awakens all the good around you and has a quick smile." That can be built into a conversation and suddenly my reader will have the same view of Anika as I want them to have.

Spend time with your characters. Get to know them and you'll give your reader a better understanding of them too!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting a Jump in Sales with Your Series

If you're interested in reading about a successful indie author, check out Smashwords blog for today. It sounds like giving away the first book of a series is the bait to attract readers.
Have I done it? No. I plan to do so when I have the last two books in this series finished. Until then, offering one for free from time to time is what I'll stick to. And I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because the first volume is selling the best. But I may be shooting myself in the foot. If I put it up for free, it could increase my sales all around the board like the author featured on Smashwords who is currently making over $15,000 a quarter.
How about you--what are your thoughts on this?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Free copy of Coveted Bride and my interview

I'm being interviewed today at www.infinitecharacters.com. Stop by and let me know you did, then go to smashwords and grab a free copy of Coveted Bride-now through August 17th!

Monday, June 18, 2012


As you may know if you also follow me on The Ozark Durham Series on facebook, volume one has done exceedingly well on Amazon lately. Though I haven't had anymore 300 a night sales, I'm growing in volume on a weekly basis and believe my sales will be higher this month than last.

It's interesting to follow the sales and more so tying to figure out what makes one author more popular than another. As many authors have said and I'm in partial agreement, it comes down to chance. You can do all the right things and maybe get there, or do very little and still get there.

In reality though, I credit God. Trying to follow His guidance has left me with little doubt that I'm doing all that I should be doing. When you align yourself with His will, then you can step forward in confidence and know that you're not wasting your time. With that said, you also have to be willing to do nothing when there is no leading. Understanding God comes down to patience. Whether or not you're patient enough to be still and wait for His answer.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teaming Up

As a self-pulbished author, it's your expenses that pay for advertising should you choose to. But there are alternatives to the traditional route of getting your work in front of other readers.

I have a writing friend, Mildred Colvin, that suggested we advertise for one another's book in the back of our books. Which means, for every book that sells for either of us, we're both getting free advertisement.

Another helpful way to promote yourself for free when working with another writer is something, again, Mildred opened my eyes to. A few months ago she suggested to Inspired Reads that they advertise my first book, Abandoned Hearts. They finally did just two days ago. That free advertisement brought over 300 sells that evening alone! I had never heard of this website that is devoted to advertising inexpensive inspirational reads. Of course, I got on the site and suggested they advertise Mildred Colvin's books.

There are a lot of free advertisment opportunities you can find through google. But working with a friend on this will be to your advantage. Then the site you're contacting sees your suggestion for your friend as coming from an interested reader, not someone self-promoting themselves who's work may or may not be any good.

Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Strengthen Your Writing Without Cost

Today I'm skimming through a suspense novel I've read before. I'm jotting down the suspense sequences in the order they occur to balance my next novel's suspense episodes. There's no chance of copying the other author's work, as our suspense involves around entirely different subjects, but I'll use the other author's book as a guide for pacing.

Earlier in the week, I read through a fictional novel from the early eighties. With this book, I took notes on her use of descriptions and emotional phrases. I'll let them inspire me when writing my book and tweak them to fit. Again, there's no chance of me copying someone else' work because our writing styles from the different eras are dramatically different.

Why am I doing this? This method is how I strengthen my writing skills. The older novels, though often too wordy, held a passion that is often lost today. They could describe a simple scene of someone sitting in a boat on the water and your suddenly there feeling everything around you. Or, two lovers can be looking at each other from across the room, not even touching, and you can feel your own skin heat from their intensity. I want to possess that kind of talent. So I study their techniques while balancing it with modern fiction.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here's a picture of a possible cover for volume 3 of The Ozark Durham Series, Coveted Bride. Let me know what you think. Would it be appealing to readers or should there be a different focus to the cover?

Reaching The Abused Through Fiction/Coveted Bride Press Release


Contact: Hawse Pipe Ministries

                 Regina Tittel

                 Email:  reginatittel@gmail.com



Wednesday, April 23, 2012                                                             

Coveted Bride/Reaching the Abused Through Fiction

Next month will find fans of our local author, Regina Tittel, swarming the bookstores to purchase Coveted Bride, volume three of The Ozark Durham Series. Regina's writing has been described as, "Refreshing. I appreciate that conflicts are addressed throughout and don't wait the entire story to be resolved." Sherry Kuhn, online review. This leaves room for more adventure, more suspense, and more romance.

As is common with all her novels, Mrs. Tittel never fails to incorporate a life improving message. In Coveted Bride, her heroine, Lindsey, is scarred from emotional abuse. Through the events in the story and the loving support of Keaton Durham and his family, Lindsey is guided through the steps of recovery. Any reader who has or is experiencing this form of abuse will find help in the pages of Coveted Bride and a listing where more information can be obtained.

Following is an excerpt from the back cover:  Do arranged marriages still happen? For Lindsey Buchannan, yes. Everything was kept in her husband's name, giving him full control of all they owned. And upon his death-bed, he exposes his plan for his family's future. Lindsey has two months to marry Keaton Durham or a charity will inherit their trusts and home.

Determined to make it on her own, Lindsey rejects the idea immediately. But when a drug-addicted family member threatens her children for the sake of money, it is Keaton she continually turns to. Would it be so wrong to fall in love with the alluring man that sends shivers along her spine?

Coveted Bride is categorized as an inspirational suspense romance and can be purchased online, or at the following neighboring stores: Hastings in Cape Girardeau, Hallmark in Perryville, Nevaeh Faith in Fredericktown, The Oasis Bookstore in Farmington and L.A. Hair Salon in Marble Hill. Note: A percentage of all sales from L.A. Hair Salon go to support LaDonna Hayes' son and his opportunity to enter a marathon in Australia.

Regina is available for interview.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Healing Through Writing

An acquaintance of mine recently accomplished na-no-wri-mo. Which simply means she wrote a book in a month. She was quite excited and very proud of her accomplishment and sought publication. Since then, however, she's changed her mind about publishing her work. She said it served its purpose. It healed her through many hurts and enabled her to put them behind her. And because of this, other members of her family are trying their hand at writing in hopes of working through personal pain and resentments of their own.

Though not everyone is meant to be published, everyone should try their hand at writing. Conversations you could never have in the open, are possible through pen. Feelings that you would never want to admit to, a character can and through your imagination you can lead that character to healing and unknowingly, heal yourself.

If you find you fit this scenario, don't be too quick to shove that manuscript in the closet. Pray about it. Maybe it was meant to reach others. And if your skin isn't thick enough to endure the possibilities of rejection by the traditional publishing world, try your hand at self-publishing. You never know whom you might bless!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Submissions

The internet offers a host of free advertising that I'm just beginning to tap into to. A great place to start is with search engines. The first place I contacted was www.FreeWebSubmission.com.

I found this site after googling, free submissions, which led me to a slew of other sites which I plan to connect with later. (don't know why the font changed, sorry)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love for Lenore is now free at Barnes and Noble

My historical short-story has finally made the premuim catalog at Smashwords and is offered through all their affiliates for free. This includs B&N, Sony, Diesel, Apple and more! Hopefully Amazon will catch on soon and also list it for free.

I'll keep you updated on how this affects my sales.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bringing a Story to Life

What draws you into a story? It’s more than the story-line itself, it has to be good writing. I had a crit partner tell me this: "It’s my goal to be able to write so that the reader sees the scene so clearly through the pov’s eyes. "How do we do this? One way, is to make the story read as real-to-life as possible.
What small actions do you do throughout the day, in work, in conversation, etc? Do you turn the door to lock every time you exit your house, or tell your loved one to ‘be careful’ more from habit than thought? These are the small details that bring life to a story.
I was in the kitchen, waiting for noodles to boil, when I thought, what would my character be doing here? I saw her niece open a cabinet door and swing on it. The bad thing is, she’s not at home, but at the hero’s house. If the child pulls the hinge and messes up the door, she’ll have to explain. I could easily insert a fear of his response, would it be like her late husbands?
See what I’ve done. I’ve created a relatable real-life scene and now I can bring in emotions to help mode the story. It's easy to bring life to a story. Think about your characters today and how they'd respond to the things you're doing.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Press Release for Abandoned Hearts Study Guide

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**                                                                  

New Approach/Purity Study Guide for Youth Groups

February 17, 2012

Local author, Regina Tittel, has again caught the interest of the public eye. Her latest written release, co-authored with her husband, Jerad Tittel, is a study guide that supports abstinence until marriage. This guide is designed as an optional tool to accompany Abandoned Hearts.

Regina's debut novel, Abandoned Hearts, wowed fans across the United States with her ability to weave an edgy, suspenseful tale, and tackle important issues in a meaningful, yet, non-intrusive way. The study guide is built on this platform, taking each student back into the story to relate to the characters and their actions in a way that is thought provoking and life-changing.

As one youth leader commented, the study guide is fresh and new and will be a useful tool in the hands of youth leaders everywhere as they challenge their students in the area of purity.

The Abandoned Hearts Study Guide Packet can be purchased through the following local stores and her website:  Hastings, Cape Girardeau, MO; Neveah Faith, Fredericktown, MO; The Oasis Bookstore, Farmington, MO; www.reginatittel.etsy.com

For larger orders of five or more, contact Regina personally for a discounted price at www.reginatittel@gmail.com

Regina is also available for interview.


Regina Tittel


Free Websites on Weebly

If you're still looking for a free website, let me offer another easy solution. Weebly offers a VERY easy way to build a free website and even has the drop down carts already connected to google or paypal, your choice. Check mine out at etsy and weebly and see the differences and decide which one is more suited for your needs.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Benefits of Publishing a Free Book

If you download Smashwords free Marketing Guide, you'll read that offering a book for free will greatly boost your sales. An author/friend of mine proved this to be true. In less than a month, her free book received 10,000 downloads and even after she repriced her book, her sales continued to rise, selling as many as 27 a day.

I'm now trying this method with my short historical, Love For Lenore. Though it's only offered for free right now at Smashwords, Amazon will soon catch on and reduce the .99 price to free. Already, I've noticed an increase in sales at Smashwords with my other novels. In the book blurb for Lenore, I encouraged the consumer that if they liked this author's voice, to check out her other books, Abandoned Hearts and Unexpected Kiss.

Some of you may be thinking you can't afford to offer a free novel, I'm here to tell you, you can't afford not to. Even if it's only for a month, you'll make more money in the long run. Also, who says you have to offer a full-length novel? I wrote Love For Lenore simply for this reason, to offer it free and draw more readers to my other works. How long does it have to be? Lenore is only 10,000 words. In the first day alone, 148 Smashwords users downloaded a copy of this short-story.

Here's what I recommend, go to Smashwords, download Love For Lenore and take notes. Notice how I easily wrapped up a complete story in such a short way, then do the same!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Format

The making of my study guide.

This was not for the faint of heart. I found out too far in to this project that my heart couldn't call faint. Shucks. It was a lot, I repeat, a lot of hard work. But if you purchase this study guide, you will see it was well worth it.

To start with, I opened the preferred clipart in photo shop adobe. Since a bleed to edge 6x9 document needs a 6.125 x 9.25 format, I copied the middle of my clip art (without the scroll work) and stretched it to fit. I then pasted the chosen full clipart on top to the size that would allow me to keep any of the scroll work from being cut off. This took a lot of trial and error. I would save it and load it into createspace's interior reviewer and check how close I was.

But I'm jumping ahead. I pasted the clipart on top of the enlarged background clipart. I also saved this two ways. One as right side, then I flipped it horizontally and saved it as the left side. That gave the nice effect of the scroll work coming out of the binding on both sides. Note: I saved them as jpegs, high/8.

From there, I opened my study guide in word document, I selected 'insert picture.' Depending on which side of the document I was saving this to would determine right or left picture. I had to do this to every page, individually. I'm sure there is an easier way, but to have the right and left pictures, this was the only way I found to work with what I had.

After the picture is inserted, click 'wrap text' in your tool bar then, 'behind text.' This enables your pre-typed words to show over the top of the picture. If a text box doesn't show over it, click on the edge of the text box, then click 'grouping' and choose 'order,' 'bring to front.'

I saved this finally as a pdf.
The study guide will be available for purchase through my website www.reginatittel.etsy.com some time next wee.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Writing Historical v/s Contemporary

I am currently writing a short historical that I plan to offer for free. I've never written historicals before but the comments of my crit partners leave me to believe I'm on the right path. One of them, Mildred Colvin, mentioned the difference is being able to imagine yourself in that time period. So yes, I see a covered wagon, women in long dresses, and oil or candles are used for light.
Also something to remember is the pattern of speech. If you've read many historicals, they often pronouce most all of their words rather than using contractions. That's a hard one for me to transition to, but I'm trying.

If you have any other suggestions of the difference between these two types of writings, please leave a comment.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Borrowing Daily Elements For Your Writing

Today my sister-in-law told me her funny, but stressful, stories about her two year-old twin boys. Yesterday, already dressed for bed, they decided to play in the 'blue' toliet water. (Funny thing, my 4 yr old is afraid of the 'blue' water (the toliet cleaner thing) and will hardly use the bathroom while visiting.) But my twin nephews thought it was fascinating and commenced to splashing each other until they were soaked and blue!

After a very, very good bath, and plenty of floor scrubbing, my relatives were able to go to bed themselves. But...just this morning, while the adults were in another room, the twins helped themselves to the pantry and scattered oats throughout the kitchen!

It pays to be a good listener, my stories will be far more vibrant because of my colorful family members. Thank you, family, for these moments and for being able to use them in my writing!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Article About Abuse/Coveted Bride, vol.3 With This Subject

As many of you know, I like to tackle tough or unusual issues in my books. I want to make an impact to people who can relax under the ease of fiction but, perhaps, not so much in a church setting. In my third novel, Coveted Bride, I tackle two key issues. One, safe-guarding your children. Two, how to rebuild your confidence through Christ after living under abuse. Following is a great article on this subject. Whether you can relate or not, I'm sure someone you know could and just reading this would help you better understand their needs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1459954

Monday, January 16, 2012

Adding Everyday Elements to Your Writing

True Story:
Today as I stooped (ever-so-slightly) to fill the chickens' water dish, Tin Tin (our speckled bantam hen) flew over and landed on my shoulder. I slowly reached over and offered my fingers for her to perch on. Just like a parakeet, she accepted and I slowly moved her to in front of me and she nestled in the crook of my arm and cooed. (Or whatever sound a hen makes.) After she talked things over with me, she scratched and pecked at my coat. Once her desired amount of attention was fulfilled, she flew to the top of a nesting box.
This is a cute picture of everyday life and will add a quality to my current book in the series, Coveted Bride, that brings my readers closer to my characters. By adding this, I'll paint a softer heart to whomever I tag with this experience.
Something else I plan to add is what my four year old said this morning. She told me she had hiccing-ups. (?) Her sister interpreted - Hiccups! That ranks up there with what she calls hamburgers - Hammenburgs! These small mispronunciations will also add another element of 'cutenss' to a child.
So don't overlook the small happenings in your own life to add vibrancy to your stories.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get Your Books in Print - It's Worth the Effort

The eversions are selling like crazy, that's true. But who doesn't enjoy having something they can hold on to or even pass down? Once I've fallen in love with an ebook, I want to own it in print. If it held a message worth passing along, I want to give it as gifts. That's why it's so important to go the extra mile and offer your books in paper form. Createspace offers a very easy to follow solution for you. Lightening Source is another option.

Once you have some in stock, open up shop online. Why give all the estores a cut? Save some for yourself by selling printed books through a free web service such as etsy. Even the small fee they take (which is .20 for each item for a 4 month period) is so small in comparison to what estores take from your sales. Not only that, but you can offer a place for your readers to read more about you and see what your likes are.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here's Rosie Riveter, my new cleaning lady. (smile) I painted this on the hard wood floor of my laundry room. Hope her encouragment helps me keep it cleaner!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Developing a Website For Free

Yesterday an awesome friend of mine made me a website: www.reginatittel.etsy.com where I can sell my books from. This is a free web service, but they do charge .20 for each item you post. The wonderful part about it was I didn't have to paste buttons over from paypal, like I would have had to do to sell from my blog. Etsy has it ready to go!

The difference between Etsy and another free service that I looked into, such as Weebly, is Etsy doesn't have the 'look' of an author's website. Most authors control the whole page, mine looks like it's a place in which to sell. But I don't mind, afterall, the blog offers me the freedom to control how it looks and post regularly here.

My Etsy site is linked to my business facebook page. So I can post regularly on there and everyone who has 'liked' my page will get the updates and for those that want to stay in touch so they know when my next book is coming out, they can follow me too.

So check out my site at www.reginatittel.etsy.com and let me know what you think. Also, watch for my free blog book coming soon where I'll try to explain the steps we took to make the website and connect it to facebook and paypal. It really was very simple.