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Monday, December 26, 2011

Study Guide to Abandoned Hearts

The study guide to Abandoned Hearts will be available in January, 2012. Following is a list of the chapter contents.

Chapter 1

Don't Settle For Second Best                         1

Chapter 2

Know When To Say "When" - Setting Boundaries in Advance   4

Chapter 3

Dealing With Temptations                               7

Chapter 4

A Return to Modesty                                         9

Chapter 5

What If I Already Messed Up                        13

Chapter 6

Living To A Higher Standard                        16

Here is what one youth leader already had to say:  The Study Guide gave me chills (and that is good because it touched my heart). I think you have some very deep thoughts in it that are fresh and new!

This study guide, entitled Pure Heart, will be available with a copy of Abandoned Hearts and a purity ring packaged together for each individual student. Anyone interested in reviewing a copy for youth groups, please contact me at reginatittel@gmail.com.

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