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Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Signing Dos and Don'ts

In my short experince at book signings, the first and most important rule I've learned is this: 
Never sign alone. With the exception of the one I have scheduled tonight, I don't plan on scheduling any more unless there will be other authors present. I recently shared a signing with well-known inspy author, Deborah Raney and her husband Ken. We had a great supportive crowd, I sold at least 22 books.

Also, Deborah told me she doesn't do them alone either, because if no one shows up, at least you have someone to visit with. Did you catch that? Deborah's first book was made into a movie by Billy Graham. She's written 25 novels to date . . . and she experiences no-show book signings? That's important to remember when you experience a no-show as well, it happens to the best of them. (Though I doubt it happens very often with Deborah.)

Another important item to remember is how you present yourself. How do you want the public to view you? How do you want to be remembered? Because rather you want it or not, everything you say, down to the way you're dressed, will be remembered in the eyes of your public. Deborah was a wonderful example to emulate. She was dressed casual but refined. She possessed the grace of a lady from her mannerisms down to her speech. She not only made me feel comfortable and important, but she also extended the feeling to our guests.

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