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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Inspires Me

As a writer, anything and everything can be inspiring. From lending an ear to a distressed friend, to hearing a heart-warming tale about a dog signally help for his master.  Though I don't copy word for word, or action for action from any of the things that inspire me, I do allow them to take form in my mind and turn into another scenario altogether.

For years I had a habit of lying awake at night redirecting the events of a movie I had just watched. I may have enjoyed it immensely, but I had this habit of 'redoing' it despite how well planned it had been. It's so great to now see how God is using my strange habits!
For a suspenseful element in the upcoming sequel, Coveted Bride, I walked past a window in our home and noticed the hammock at the edge of the yard bordering the forest. A thought passed my mind, what if someone had been in it? Oooh, that would've been scary. So that's what I had happen to Lindsey. Of course, when she steps back to double check, no one's there, just an empty hammock swinging in the still, summer heat.

Recently, I had an unsettling encounter with a milk snake . . . in my home! That episode is going in Cherished Stranger!

But what about other events -  when someone shares something with you and it inspires you, but you can't exactly write about it? I chew on it, so to speak. A death of a loved one, or the crumbling of a marriage, or even a sickness, can be blended to become its own story.

Allow yourself to be inspired. Take some neighborhood talk, sprinkle in a tale from your youth, and add a bit of news, that's what I did with Abandoned Hearts.

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