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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Understanding How to Use an Interior Template for Your Book

I told you I'd tell more about how to prepare your book for print. Well, here it is. I'm going to take you through the steps I used for Create Space. I first entered the title and number of pages. Then, I selected a formatted interior template. Open it and you'll see the need for a few pages before the title page for your partial segment that you may want to add like in Love Inspired novels. (They show a page from the book that's like a hook.)
To get this, click on the page and in your tool bar find INSERT and insert a page break.

That's how you add more pages to an area. Now on chapter three, their template doesn't delete the header like it should. To amend this, at the end of your chapter two, go to your tool bar and and under 'page layout' you'll find 'Breaks,' choose 'section break.'

Now because I forget things quickly if I'm not writing them down as I'm doing them, you may have to play with section break and page break to figure out which one is really needed for your situation. But I do know they really helped me to control the headers and even page numbers. Because at the end of your chapters, you may need different pages like I did. One for an order form, another to advertise another author's books, etc. So again, I found I had to figure out how to remove the header. I think I settled for allowing the page numbers on some of these sheets, I couldn't work around it. But in looking at the book, Love Letters, I realized they had the same thing going on, so mine must've not been too wrong.

I'm sure there was more information to share with you, but at the moment, that 's all I can think of. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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