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Friday, November 4, 2011

Press Release of Unexpected Kiss and recent results

I sent this out last week and am already seeing fast results. Keep up your persistence and you will too.

Next Thursday, the 11th, I'll have five minutes of air-time on Conservative News Talk at stations 960 & 1400 am.  Also, I'm currently working with Lucas Presson at S.E. Missourian newspaper for an article that will go out on the 13th or the 20th.

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**                                                                  

Unexpected Kiss/Romantic Fiction with a Purpose

Patton, Missouri - October 28, 2011

Surveys show that girls who grow up without fathers experience much higher rates of sexual activity, adolescent pregnancies, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, and suffer from health and emotional problems than those with active fathers in their lives.

Author of Abandoned Hearts, Regina Tittel has released her second volume of The Ozark Durham Series, Unexpected Kiss. In this novel, Carli is a young woman who fits into the above statistic. Through her growing relationship with the hero and her fatherly landlord, she finally accepts she is forgivable and begins to understand God's unconditional love.

Regina says, "I wanted to reach out to those who weren't blessed with a father in their lives and help them understand their heavenly one." 

Unexpected Kiss approaches this all-too-relatable topic with gentleness, yet honest realism. Readers will be able to relate with Carli's sinful past and weakened self-esteem whether through personal experience or through someone they know. Tittel's natural knack for creating a suspenseful story while weaving a self-improving message has won her an increasingly large following.  As one of her readers wrote, "It's so refreshing to find an author who stresses these principles without "preaching" but manages to intertwine God's plan into everyday situations."

Unexpected Kiss fits into the category of 'edgy inspirational,' a genre that is on the rise in popularity.  Following is an excerpt from the back cover:

Breaking her pattern of bad mistakes, Carli's fresh start begins with finding the father she's never met. But will the price of her decision weigh more than the risk?

Ethan Durham hadn't planned on losing his heart to the girl in the staged photo, but if he can't convince her of God's unconditional love, she may never accept his. And if he can't put an end to the attempts on her life, he may lose far more than his heart.

Regina grew up in Patton, Missouri under her maiden name, Francis, but moved to the state of Washington from 1993-1997. After her husband's tour of duty, the couple returned to Patton, where they now raise and home-school their two daughters.

Unexpected Kiss,  will be available in mid-November, and she is currently working on the third in the series, Coveted Bride. Her books are available through Gospeland in Cape, The Oasis Christian Bookstore in Farmington, Nevaeh Faith in Fredericktown, and most online stores.

(Contact Info would be included here.)

Scheduled Book Signings in MO:

Marble Hill Library-11/17/11 (9:30-11) please call to
reserve ahead as there will be food available.  

Cantwell Baptist Church, 1005 E. Chestnut, Desloge, MO.  11/17/11 (5.30-7or8) She'll be joining CaSondra Poulsen and speaking at the Mineral Area's Writer's Group.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Patton,                                                  Riverside Jackson Library-11/29-11 (12-2) At 1:30 she'll be sharing info on character development & marketing

                                                        (please mention as often as possible) 

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