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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Developing Your Characters

When you start a story, a good thing to begin with is a list of character attributes. This list can help you develop other aspects of their personalities as you write your story. Also, it's a good list to keep handy as you read other novels so you can jot down other descriptions to further broaden your own talent.

Following is a list to begin with:

HEAD:  Shaped as a heart, square jaw, long, or round
HAIR:  Long, receding, brittle, wiry, silky, tight bun, military cut
EYES:  almond shaped, squinty, green, stormy
NOSE:  hooked, sloped, broad
LIPS:  wide, full, thin, crooked grin
NECK:  long, short
SHOULDERS: wide, narrow, stooped, broad
CHEST:  barreled, developed
WAIST:  taunt stomach, narrow, ample
HANDS:  slender, delicate, rough, manicured, white band in replace of a ring
HIPS:  ample, narrow
LEGS:  stocky, spindly
FEET:  dainty, pigeon-toed
CHARACTERISTICS:  constant sniffing, twirl hair, limp

Name a personal feature that bothers them.
What feature are they the most proud of?
Do long sleeves cover someone's tattoos?
Why do they wear their hair a certain way?

Hope this helps! Your comments would help me. Let me know your thoughts!

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