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Monday, October 10, 2011

Understanding Your Smashword Sales

For those who are confused with their sales at Smashwords, here is what I've figured out. When I have a sale from B&N that has gone through Smashwords with my ebook priced at .99:

.29 goes to the retailer (B&N)

.09 goes to Smashwords

.61 goes to me

If I sell a book directly from Smashwords, here's the breakdown for my .99 ebook:

.10 goes to Smashwords

.33 goes  to Smashwords for transaction fee

.56 goes to me

At Smashwords, you need to have accumulated at least $10 in order to be paid and they pay quarterly into a paypal account. You can have them pay you with a check, but you must accumulate a much higher amount in sales before they pay. Something like $75 I think.

I hadn't thought I was selling much through them, and I'm not at Smashwords themselves, but through their affiliate program I am. Most of my sales from Barnes and Noble have been made through Smashwords. You can find this on the left side of your dashboard, click, Sales & Payment History and scroll down.

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