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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Publishing on Amazon

Don't use Mobi Pocket. That's the first lesson you need to learn. Although your ms looks nice, it doesn't convert your double spaces correctly, at least, not that I've found. I joined Smashwords and took their advice on how to clean up my ms, then saved it in html, and published it on Amazon without Mobi. It turns out fine. Once it's uploaded, check it out, then add or delete any spaces you may need to. It's really fairly simple.

Also, you might want to remember to add the beginning pages like you would see in a printed book. Such as the acknowledgements page, copyright, etc. I didn't the first time I uploaded my book but am correctlng everything now.

Stop by again and I'll go through step by step how to ready your ms for print using available templates. I went through Create Space. Great place to work with, they have an awesome, responsive team!

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