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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simplified Marketing

It's been said that it would be nice to have a proven way to market books with success. Well, I believe that many people offer just that. But for those of us who are less than enthused to go about it through face book and twitter, I'm going to provide you with another route, which I plan to help you build on.

Before I give you the list, let's assume your book is published online, is available in print and you have a ready supply on hand. (If you need any help in any of the afore mentioned steps, look in the archives of my blog.) Now that you know where I'm starting from, here is a timetable list.

Month 1/Week 1
     Approach stores with your book, press release, reviews and marketing plan. (I'll submit a copy of my marketing plan in the near future)

Month 1/Week 3
     Hear back from stores.
     Send out press release with information of bookstores that are carrying your book and the dates of your signings to every form of media.

Month 2/Week 2
     Pester papers to interview you. Do this with available for interview forms and send them updated forms as new dates are scheduled.
     Post fliers announcing book signings and mail out post cards. Leave bookmarks with librarians to help promote your book signing.

Month 2/Week 3
     You have your first signing.
     Continue to send out press releases with updates of rise in popularity and sales, basically, any information to garner more interest.

This is a great place to start. Where? This happens in your hometown and neighboring towns. I've now been interviewed in two papers, and had a large photo with mention of my first book signing in another. My pastor's wife posted a cut-out from one of the papers on the church bulletin and many are buying my book because of the notice these interviews have brought.
Do you know someone working in the school? Have them leave post cards in the teachers' lounge. Spread the word. People will want to buy your book!

Soon, I'll help you stretch your wings  a little further.

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