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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marketing Through Libraries-Step Four

Libraries can be the start of your fan club. Most librarians get excited when a local author turns up and are more than happy to help hold a book signing for you.  I scheduled three signings yesterday with three very excited librarians. They're so good for our confidence!

Some of them offered to put the word out on the local paid television channel, slot in the local newspaper, and online. However, don't leave the marketing there. You also have a job. For instance, there are still a number of newspapers to contact, several radio programs and perhaps even the local news channel that everyone watches in the evenings.

I have my press release, available for interview form and a copy of reviews grouped together ready to push send to the addresses I already researched. Once that is done, I still won't just sit back and wait. I've had posters printed off at my local print shop, the libraries love to hang these up with the 'meet the author' date and time. I can also hang some smaller posters in the tack boards at grocery stores, the windows of area businesses that allow paper advertising and gas stations. You might even want to print off card size advertisements to put under the windshield wipers of cars in parking lots. The ideas are endless, now you just have to match your energy to your ideas!

Keep an eye out for the first three chapters of the next two books in The Ozark Durham Series. I'll post them on here later this week and everyone can judge which one they like the most!

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