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Monday, July 25, 2011

Marketing, Step Three

You should also make a catalog information sheet. This is just a piece of paper that lists the title, author, suggested retail, isbn, publisher, binding, pages, weight, shipping info, terms... (Let's take a breath.)...about the author, brief descrip. of book, and discount schedule. Whew, like I said, it's just a piece of paper!

I'll try to put one together this week and post so you can see mine. Something else I did, I used excel and made an order form to include in the back of my book. That way, if someone read my book and is interested in ordering the rest of the series but doesn't have access to the internet, they can use the form. Here's a copy of mine:

Have The Ozark Durham Series sent to your home!

Price Ea.
Abandoned Hearts (avail. now)

 $ 11.95

Unexpected Kiss (Fall 2010)

 $ 11.95

Coveted Bride (Spring 2011)

 $ 11.95

Merchandise Total 

$3.99 s/h

MO Residents  add 7.225% tax 

Order Total

Name                                                    (Please Print)
City                                                          State                                 Zip                     
Signature (if under 18, a parent or guardian must sign)
Please contact me to discuss a discounted purchase for use in a youth group, book club, or other related service where five or more books are needed.
Make Check Payable to: 
Regina Tittel
(insert address here)

Notice the last line before the 'make check payable' part? I gave an idea of how my book can be used. Don't miss the opportunity to publicize different avenues for your book. Even if it's fiction, what points do you address that could be helpful to others. As you probably know, Abandoned Hearts, deals with abstinence.

Hope this helps. But that's not the actual third step. I wanted to mention, if you're wanting to list your book in some review magazines, they prefer four months prior to the release date. Are you prepared to wait that long? I may do that for my third book, but I've already publicized the second of my series due this Fall, that doesn't leave me enough time for the review magazines, though it hasn't stopped me from contacting online review sites--which you should, too. I'm pretty sure you need to have your cover ready to submit to the magazines, that's my other hold up for my second book. We haven't finished the cover, yet.

Now, set your pub date. When do you plan to start selling? We'll put this all in order with the next post. Hopefully I haven't left you feeling as confused as I often am. I promise the next post will be structured for your benefit. And please, leave a comment so I know if I'm being any help at all. We all need encouragement to keep doing what we're doing. Thanks!

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  1. One question, Regina. What review magazines? Sorry, but I'm one of those in the dark. Do you have names, website addresses to share? I'm enjoying learning from you. Great job!