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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do You Have to Have a APublisher to be Successful?

Some of you may be asking yourself the same thing. It is recommended that you have a publisher if you're wanting to crack open the doors to libraries, as your book can't obtain a library number without one. Also, in order to be reviewed by some select literary reviewers, you have to have more to show than your name as the publisher.

So how hard is it to become a publisher. Not hard at all. First, you may want to contact your local county courthouse to see if you need a license to operate a company from your home. Our county charges $25 a year. Secondly, register your company's name with your state. It's about that easy. More imformation can be obtained through research on the web.

Did I form my own publishing company? No. First of all, I do have a name chosen. Eventually, I may create my own company. But two factors kept me from doing so now. First, I'm a tightwad. I want to prove the easiest way to self-publish that I can. In order to start my company, I would need to buy rights to the photo I've chosen to represent it. That would cost $50. Not much, you say? Well, it all adds up when I'm also wanting to order enough books to sell and distribute locally. Secondly, if I spread myself any more thin, one of two things will happen. I'll never have time to finish the Ozark Durham Series, or... my children won't be schooled properly. (I homeschool.) I say I'd spread myself thin because I don't desire to do anything half-way. If I start my own company, I'll probably want to build on it, add other authors, yada, yada, yada.

So you decide what's best for you. Victorine Lieske helped me decide. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a publisher name with her book---and if she can sell that many without it, we can too!

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