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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Benefit to Becoming a Blog Follower

Why should you sign up to follow a blog? If you're an aspiring somebody, it gets your name out there. Whether you want to be known as an author, a dancer, or a bear tamer, leaving a trail of interest is the way to do it.

Consider our future guest, Victorine Lieske, (who will join us next week). She started out as simply a mom who wrote a book, then became a self-pubbed NY Times Best Seller. How'd she do it? By blogging not only on her sites but others. She joined forums and commented, commented, commented.

Whenever I visit a blog now, I try to never leave without commenting on something. I want to leave a trail back to my book, my blog, whatever it is I'm wanting notice about.

If you're here because you're wanting to learn, leave a trail, let us know what drew you here in the first place. Beginning in August of 2011, I want to guest feature a member of this blog every month. If our membership begins to grow, then we'll increase the feature to every week. Let's share the limelight and help each other grow.

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