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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Effort of Self Pubbing

I think there's a lot of work involved either way you go, whether one chooses to self-pub or sign with a publisher. But, I am learning that self-pubbing isn't as easy as 1,2,3. Maybe 1,2,4. Because as soon as I accomplish a step, it seems I look back and realize I'm not done. There are still pilcrows to check, automatic changes to undo, the list could go on.

However, there are enough free sites available, I don't know why one would need to buy a book on how to do it. Take Smashwords for example. They offer a free guide that walks you through their formatting guide, step by step. After that, you have a polished manuscript that you can easily change to meet other publisher standards. And Kindle recommends, MobiPocket, another free download. Still, there's CreateSpace that offers a free service to put your book in print. They have templates available for those of us who don't have an idea of what we're supposed to do.

That's my rambling thoughts for now. I do plan on sharing the most simple step by step guide for self publishing that I can, based off of my experience. Of course, it will be free.

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