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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Detours to the Publishing World

As most writers have experienced, the road to publication is often closed to no thru traffic. But there are detours to that sought-after destination.

Although self-publishing has often been regarded as the last resort and least respected, that opinion is quickly changing Even many well-known, traditionally pubbed authors are turning to self publishing. Why? Their reasons range from controlling their rights to financial freedom.

Author, Grace Kone, turned to self publishing to revive out of print books. She still uses traditional and e-publishing, but for reasons further explained on her blog, http://www.masaicmoments.blogspot.com/, she uses this steadily increasing, new opportunity to her advantage.

There are also successful, unknown authors who hit pay-dirt with self publishing. Victorine Leiske is one such author. She made $30,000 with her first novel in only a year's time. Another success story involves, Amanda Hocking. You can read more about her story at, www.usatoday.com/2011/03/25/books/amandahocking.sells.

Other self-pubbed authors to learn about are, Michael Wallace, H.P. Mallory, Joe Konrath, and  Dean Wesley Smith.

With stories such as these, it's enough to make anyone think twice about a traditional publisher.

I know it's tempting me.

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