Matthew 17:20, my favorite verse. "... If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Giving God Control

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I thought so too, until I tried it with my books. I’d say I wanted God to lead me then hold onto a morsel here and there in case He didn’t go the way I intended Him to go. It’s like when a woman carries her money in her purse, but stows some in her shoe as well. That way if her purse gets lost or stolen she still maintains some control over her money. Shame, shame on me.
Over a year ago, I asked God for direction with the sales and marketing of the books I write. He distinctly answered me through three different people. That didn’t happen by accident either. I asked Him to speak His answer through two or three people so I would know it was from Him. First it was my husband, then my daughter, then my sister-in-law, all within a few days of each other. They all said they thought I should go back to the beginning.
Hmm, the beginning … and that’s where I kept control. I thought, hmm, the beginning of when I was doing well in sales? Okay! In 2013 I was making an admirable income with my books and the only thing I did at that time was blog about self-publishing and submit my .99 books on a few free advertising sites. I hit number one in a couple separate categories on Amazon and life was looking good. That was all before ebooks saturated the cyber world, so it was easy to stay on top.
But is that really the beginning?
In the beginning … (sounds like a catchy first line for a book (JK) It is—Genesis) all I did was write. Write, publish, write. And of course plenty of praying was involved as I wrote.
Could that be where God meant for me to go? Yes. That’s the beginning.
Yesterday I ended my Amazon ad. Earlier this week I hopped off facebook. I still have two ads already paid for that will run once in April and once in May. But otherwise and after those, I’m giving this all to Him. Should everyone do this? No. He didn’t call everyone to do this. He did call me, though. His reasoning was simple. Whenever my books draw attention and people ask what did I do to get here, I’ll only be able to point up. It’s not through me that they’ve done anything, but through God. That’s where He wants the attention. That’s where I’m going to give it … finally.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Repeating History, again and again...

In D.L. Moody's book titled, Heaven, he says, "Books that are only human, like merely human lives, have in them a great deal that is foolish and a great deal that is wrong. The life of Christ alone was perfect, being both human and divine. Not one of the other volumes, like the Koran, that claims divinity of origin, agrees with common sense. There is nothing at all in the Bible that does not conform to common sense. What it tells us about the world having been destroyed by a deluge, and Noah and his family alone being saved, is no more wonderful than what is taught in the schools, that all of the earth we see now, and everything upon it, came out of a ball of fire. It is a great deal easier to believe that man was made after the image of God, than to believe, as some young men and women are being taught now, that he is the offspring of a monkey."

I jut thought this was interesting that even in the late 1880's the Koran and evolution were hot topics in the Christian faith. Why can't we learn from history? Why is man so bent on repeating mistakes rather than humbling themselves before God and trusting His way is best?

Pride. Don't let it be your downfall.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Loving Like Jesus

Earlier this summer, we had to clean out the long drain pipe that extends from the kitchen sink. While the end cap was off and my husband was fetching tools, I forgot and emptied three glasses of water down the sink while loading the dishwasher. Ugg. This of course, came through onto the floor below, along with the stinky, gray stuff in the pipe. Therefore we battled what I would compare to a ‘sewer’ smell over the weekend, despite the fact that we washed the floor with various cleaners nine times!

Then, on the following Monday, I overcooked black beans, burned them to be more exact! I didn’t notice until a distinct odor, similar to urine, reached my nose. (Who knew burnt black beans smelled like that?!)

Yes, I’m pretty good at messing up. Yet, all through this, my husband never yelled, never said a condemning or demeaning word.

His way of relating to me is like the way Jesus relates to the church. He loves us despite how many times we mess up and doesn’t withhold His love in response to our mistakes.

Is it any wonder I write romance?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

God Still Speaks to Us Through Dreams

Does God still speak to us through dreams? He did for me two nights ago. But because of the dream, it really fell into the category of nightmare.
In the dream, I ran over someone. (insert heart failure here) I won't go into too much detail, but in the matter of a second I had to make a choice and though I swerved, I still ran over the person's legs. Thankfully in my dream, after the victim cried out a lot, she got up and ran off. I tried to catch her to help then woke up. (okay, I can breathe again.)
The interesting thing is I didn't think of the dream again until mid afternoon, right before I left my parents' house. It skittered across my mind, leaving me to shudder. I shoved it aside, said my good-byes and got in my car. When I was only a couple of miles from my house, I spotted an elderly man, I'd never seen before, finish shuffling across the road to the mailbox. Like the dream (which came to mind again), I had a decision to make and it had to be fast because without pausing a beat, he turned to cross again.
You know that moment when you're trapped in a decision?  I thought he would surely look up, especially since he was shuffling like Tim Conway as the Dorf. Slow. Slow. Slow.
He didn't look up.
From the time I spotted him to the time I slammed on my brakes throwing everything in the car forward, only a few seconds had passed. I chose to brake before I was in his path--maybe two yards away. Had I not, we would have collided.
Did he see me? Did he look up? No. He continued across as though in a field far away from traffic.
Praise God for that dream. Had I not been given it, I have no doubt in my mind this would be a completely different story. One that you would read in the paper instead of here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Who's Really Behind Your Weakness

Yesterday my time in the Word, coupled with the study I’m doing from the book Fervent, reminded me how the devil preys on our weaknesses. Whatever yours may be, whether it’s objective or emotional, don’t think of the timing of its attack as simply coincidence.  The devil is a strategist. He plans then waits in the shadows for when you’re at your weakest.
Tara Holden, my heroine from Awakened Love (wip), had to learn that. Her husband’s job keeps him away from home, leaving her lonely and resentful. A male friend happens to step in during one of these times. Is it just coincidence that Tara begins to see him as more thoughtful than her husband … more concerned … more caring? Oh, and did I mention they just happen to share the same goals? That isn’t by chance. Someone in the shadows planned this and poor Tara is falling head first into his trap.
Priscilla Shirer, author of Fervent, tells us once you take that step towards the trap, it starts to affect your prayer life—your connection with God.
Suddenly, you don’t feel like talking to Him. You say it’s because you don’t have time, but the truth is you’re shamed. Shame says you messed up. Shame says why keep trying you’re just going to do it again. Now ask yourself, who’s behind shame? The devil of course and he’ll keep mounting that on you to keep you from prayer. Wonder why he does that? Because prayer weakens him! When we pray, we grow closer to God. When we grow closer to God that makes us harder for the devil to reach.
So the next time you find yourself tempted, whether you’re still in the thinking mode or you’ve gotten your feet wet, remember who’s really behind it and pray. Pray fervently! Pray for God to strengthen your weak areas and grow your desire to keep talking to Him. Let the devil know this is one strategy of his that’s doomed for failure!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Battling Demons and ... Bumblebees

As Christians, we are empowered by God’s own Spirit. How do you use that power? Me—I fight demons … and bumblebees. Let me explain.

About a year ago, our youngest started to have nightmares. Night after night she would wake us with a trembling voice encompassed with fear. Although I always prayed, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I demand all evil spirits to be gone. And God, fill our home with your Holy Spirit and let her be comforted,” for some reason the battle continued. The last night I got up because of a nightmare, I distinctly remember she was convinced something was in the room. She heard a sort of scratching sound. (And just to paint how real this was, my child’s eyes were round with fear, her whispered voice was trembling, and she didn’t want to make a move. In fact, she was so afraid she withheld speaking out loud what she thought it really was--so I did it for her.) I looked around the room and asked, “Do you think it’s a lizard?” She gave a barely discernible shake of her head. I asked with a serious tone, “Do you think it’s the devil?” To that, she gave a firm nod as tears pooled in her eyes.
To this, I answered with a breath of relief, “Good! Cause lizards are hard to catch, but that ole’ devil is easy to fight with Jesus’ name.” So I prayed the above prayer and added in His name for the devil to get thee behind me.
That prayer became a nightly ritual for several months enabling her to sleep peacefully with the acknowledgement she was safe in Jesus’ care. Since then, she has seen an angle in the hall outside her open door, not once, but twice.
Now to explain the bumblebee.
I want to think I’ll always call on Jesus’ name no matter the situation, but the truth is we often forget and step into battle unarmed. Recently, I was picking beans in my mom’s garden when a pesky bumble bee decided to pollinate my area. Odd as it sounds, I can handle snakes better than buzzing, flying, stinging things. So you can imagine my mounting anxiety. But when I’d had enough, I just reacted—I stood tall and proclaimed, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I demand you to be gone, bumblebee!”
My sis-n-law working in the row beside me, looked up with a smile (but not really all that surprised) while the bee zoomed a straight path out of the garden!
And that’s how simple a Christian’s life can be if we would only remember who it is we’re empowered by—
Jesus Christ
Lord of Lords
and King of Kings!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Healing Naturally

I don't usually write about things of a personal nature. Yet, circumstances beg me to. The reason, I can't keep the knowledge that was given from others that may be suffering with health issues.

Recently, someone that I'll keep unnamed for the sake of their own privacy, was told they had an autoimmune disease. That medical name can cover a wide range of diseases but to best describe it, it's the end result of a leaky gut.

Many of us don't realize we suffer from leaky gut. We think our occasional heartburn, acid reflux, or inflammation is just something we get with age. Not so. And left untreated, these little warnings can explode into major diseases.

But to get to the point, we reversed all symptoms of the disease (within about two months) by the following steps.

1. Stopped eating processed sugar.
2. Eliminated processed flours and breads.
3. Turned to sprouted grain bread and sour dough bread (the sour dough that rises for 5 hrs. then an additional 2 hrs.) Both types of breads enter your body in a predigested form which then registers as more of a vegetable than a starch.
4. Began a daily regimen of food grade diatomaceous earth. This inexpensive treatment detoxes your system.
5. Introduced more water into daily diet.
6. More daily exercise.
7. Introduced a truly amazing trilogy of cultured products, Kefir, Kombucha tea, and fermented vegetables. This should be done slowly as to avoid a major detox all at once. Start with kefir the first week, then add a few oz. of daily tea the next week, then a T. of the veggies each day the third week. Once your system has adjusted to the new introduction of probiotic foods (that's what these are) then you can eat and drink more of them. I recommend eating at least a T. of the veggies before every meal. This step will help in digestion.
8. Prayer. I believe God not only led me to the above discoveries but also prepared me. I asked for direction while researching. Every illness has a reason. Ask God what that is. Perhaps it's meant to draw you to someone who you need to share the gospel with. Maybe it's the other way around. The Bible says the devil prowls the earth to and fro looking for those he may devour. God may have allowed an illness to protect you from a greater trial. Or, I can assume in our case, it was to learn how to reclaim ones health so that the method could be passed on. Whatever the reason, it's worth asking God, "What do You want to accomplish through this? And guide me through the necessary steps."

Two sites worthy of mention are:

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. I'm not trained in the medical field, I just have a healthy interest in natural health.